Important traits when hiring people

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In building an organization the most important thing is the people you work with.
Hiring the right people can make the future a fun easy ride. Hiring the wrong people can make it the hardest trip you ever have undertaken.

Recruitment of salesmen is awfully difficult.
There is no perfect sales personality as every salesman and style is unique.This is how you will look if you don't do a needs analysis.

This makes it very hard to know what you are looking for.
There are skills and traits that you can look for, but it is very hard to find someone with all the required skills and traits to become a great salesman. Often you end up waiting forever and never hiring anyone, or by at last growing tired of the wait and hiring the wrong person.

When I hire and don’t require that my potential salesman have all the skill sets. But it is important that they are willing to learn, that they are humble enough to see that they need to improve, and that they have the self discipline to work hard and make change.

Self discipline is one of the hardest things to learn and so is humility.
If you have them in order in your employees you can create a atmosphere of development and people will improve and become inspired.

But as I wrote in my last article, it takes that your coworkers are motivated.
Even if they have self disccipline and no that they need to learn to improve. If they don’t have the motivation, a reason, to improve they won’t.

That is why it is at the center of any recruitment process to make sure that the person you are looking to hire really wants the job. They have to see a future in it and a value in what they will learn.

If you don’t see that fire in their eyes during the interviews, it will never be there.
You cannot create motivation, it comes from within. You can only inspire those willing to listen (more on this in my earlier article Inspiration vs. Motivation)

All business skills are learnable.
You can learn everything you need to be a salesman. What to say, how to say it and what to listen for. You can learn how to dress and present yourself.

The only thing you cannot learn, is the will to learn.

Another aspect to remember when recruiting is group dynamic.
You have to create a functional group that works together. If you have a lot of discontent it will severely damage the focus and overall performance of the group and significantly increase the turn over of employees.

In every group you need an engine, a motor, kind of a source of energy. Someone who does things that are off the wall, that gives of energy and that people like.
This should be the center of the group, that you try to build your organization around.

After that all you need is people who work together and can enjoy (or at least not dislike) eachothers company.

Like I said recruitment is hard and there have been countless books written about the subject. These musings are what I have found help as a guide. After that you have to adapt the recruiment after the type of sales and groups you are recruiting for.

I hope this has helped and that you remember to look for people with the ability to learn and the motivation to do so.



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2 Responses to Important traits when hiring people

  1. Hey Daniel, thanks for the info. Our organization is just starting to grow and the addition of employees is a challange. Your article provides a good insight to what to look for in the prospective candidates.

    • Daniel M. Wood says:

      Hello Teresa,

      I am glad I could help. Recruiting is one of the most important parts of building. It is really one of the areas where it is better to say no to often.

      Good luck!

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