What Would You Want Us to Improve?

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Hope you are having a nice Monday.
Last week I asked you what you how you like to learn, this is what you replied:

Text was prefered by 53%
Video by 37%
Audio 10 %

For those of you who like text, good news, 95% of everything on my blog is in text form.

I will try to add more video to the site and I will use more video in future products.

For the few of you who liked Audio I have a whole podcast series you can listen to:
Podcast: The First Episode of “Your Path to Your Dreams”
Your Path to Your Dreams Episode 2 – Goal Setting and Success
Podcast: Your Path to Your Dreams Episode 3 – Planning for Your Success
Podcast: Episode 4 – Focusing Your Mind – “Your Path to Your Dreams”
Podcast: Sales Management With Kelley Robertson
Podcast Episode 6 – Being a Star Salesman and Manager with S. Anthony Iannarino
Podcast Episode 7: The Power of YOU

This week I would like to know what you think we can improve on this site.
What would you like us to change?
What do we do well?
What don’t we do well?
What would you like more of?
Less of?
And so on.

Please share your thoughts either by contacting me through our contact page, by emailing me at Daniel.wood(a)lookingtobusiness.com or by leaving a comment.

Thank you very much.


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